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  • Michael Hart

    Michael Hart

    VP Research Engineering at Bustle, AWS Serverless Hero, creator of LambCI. github.com/mhart

  • Ryan Coleman

    Ryan Coleman

  • Tim Zonca

    Tim Zonca

  • Forrest Brazeal

    Forrest Brazeal

    AWS Serverless Hero. Cloud architect @Trek10inc, words and cartoons @acloudguru. Previously cloud infrastructure @Infor. Opinions here are mine.

  • Anna Spysz

    Anna Spysz

    Full stack human. Writer turned web dev & serverless n00b @stackery.io. I am a (digital) nomad, not a farmer. More: annaspysz.com

  • John Keers

    John Keers

  • Akhilesh Bhushan

    Akhilesh Bhushan

  • Farrah


    Mesmerized by the Tech Industry. Ecosystems Director @stackeryio

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