15 hours writing CloudFormation reduced to 15 minutes with Stackery

How the inventor of AWS Lambda built their latest stack 60x faster

ServerlessConf NY this past October was an important milestone for those of us tracking how software is built on cloud services. . We’ve seen the serverless talks evolve from “what is serverless” to “I built a weird thing” to “We built a new business” to “We refactored a legacy app and kickstarted our feature velocity.” We’ll come back to those last two soon, , but I want to highlight some points from one in particular by Tim Wagner. Tim is generally credited as the “inventor of serverless” and his presentation showed how serverless now supports a thriving ecosystem and where the boundaries of the technologies can be pushed.

This is the story of how 15 hours of hand-written CloudFormation became 15 minutes of using Stackery.

Let’s think about this situation for a minute. You have someone who essentially has a Ph.D. in AWS who wasn’t able to move fluidly in these tools. That almost sounds like serverless really wasn’t “ready for prime time”, but we must consider the alternatives. With handwritten CloudFormation, you’re getting high-performance infrastructure that can easily scale after a few day’s of work. This is way faster than waiting for an order from Cray Computers (or Dell, HP, Cisco, etc) and even faster than standing up databases, streams, auto-scaling, and whatever else you might run in a fleet of auto-scaling virtual machines in the cloud.

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